Ward Family

Meet Emily Ward and her 4 beautiful children. Kason (16) who now lives with his mom in Texas, son Easton is (8) and twin girls Olivia and Addison (6). They live in Henderson, NV and love spending time as a family, being outdoors, going on hikes, traveling, and being with their friends. 

Husband and father, Kenny, was the complete light and joy of their home. He was so kind, loving and patient. Kenny had Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy, which ultimately took him from this earth on December 5, 2023. His condition never held him back from doing anything he set his mind to. Even with the physical limitations and struggles that it brought, he always kept a positive outlook on life and never let it dim his light. Kenny was known for bringing happiness and fun with him everywhere he went. He had a way of making others feel seen and important within minutes of meeting them.  Anyone the family has come in contact with since his passing has told Emily how much love he showed them, and how much he talked about and loved his family. Kenny’s goal in life was always to bring light into others’ lives and they still feel like he does that through the memories they have of him.