Tam Family

October 2022

On August 15th, Shauna Tam and her 3 kids were in a car accident near their hometown in Shelley, Idaho. Shauna was preparing to turn and a truck struck them from behind. Shauna and all three children were transported via ambulance to the hospital. The kids were treated and released that night. They are so grateful for the kids being protected, as this wouldn't be expected from the impact and look of their Kia. However, Shauna’s injuries would forever change her life. 
At the scene, Shauna had to be cut out of the car. At some point during the crash, she lost feeling and movement in her legs. She was worked up in the ER and after seeing her MRI results, she was prepped and airlifted to the University of Utah. Once at the U, she was admitted to the Surgical ICU and went into immediate surgery. Shauna had multiple spinal fractures, a tear in her spinal cord and a spinal fluid leak. They later found multiple broken ribs. Shauna is now paralyzed from the waist down and her back is fused with hardware from T6-T11.
Shauna spent over ten weeks in the hospital and an in-patient rehabilitation center. She now continues in outpatient rehabilitation as she learns to navigate her new way of life.