Valentin Family

Little Addison was diagnosed in vitro with tricuspid atresia. When she was born, she was rushed to the OR for her first open heart surgery. Addison was hospitalized for 11 months and 4 days before finally being discharged home for the first time. She was also diagnosed with pulmonary vein stenosis which requires frequent cardiac catheterizations every 6-8 weeks. Addison suffered a stroke last January and was also diagnosed with epilepsy. The prognosis is very guardedly pessimistic. Addison just continues to defy all the odds against her. Because of Addison’s congenital heart defect, Mom had to make a tough decision to leave a full-time career. Financially, it’s been a really rough year and a half for this family with medical expenses, gas for traveling, and trying to pay bills.  Please click on their Amazon Wishlist link and purchase items for their Christmas!

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