McCleve Family

This beautiful family has three little girls who are feisty and fun. In the beginning of September this year, they were enjoying their time with the new baby when their 5 yr old started complaining of double vision. Since then, they have gotten the news that she has a large brain stem tumor. She has had an open brain surgery to biopsy the tumor to determine treatment. Because of the location, they don't expect to be able to remove the tumor surgically so it may never go away completely. They just found out last week that they will be doing a clinical trial for Lilly over the holidays. They leave right before Thanksgiving and will be there for 2 to 3 months and won't be able to come home for Christmas. Because of this situation, the most helpful things would  be gift cards for food and gas and plane tickets since they won't be home to receive presents.  Please click on their Amazon Wishlist link and purchase these items to help make their Christmas away from home more enjoyable!

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