Judd Family

This single mom has 5 incredible kids! She and her children love spending time together,  whether it’s a ride up the canyon, a picnic at the park, a movie night with popcorn and cuddles or a dance off in the kitchen! They have been each other’s rock with all that life has thrown their way. After some tragic losses and several life-changing events over the last few years, they’ve grown closer than they thought a family could ever be. One thing, the most important thing, is that they honor and value what family is. Mom keeps telling them “there is light at the end of the tunnel” and each day that light gets closer and closer the more we lean on one another. Her mother left behind a wonderful example that they all strive to follow. It’s pure, unconditional love. This incredibly strong family was brought to Walli’s attention through angels working their magic and love from the other side. Please click on their Amazon Wishlist link and purchase items for their Christmas!

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