Dumont Family

Colt is a 14-year-old high-functioning autistic boy who had a serious accident on his scooter in July. He suffered many cranial fractures, a severed a main artery in the brain and a fractured neck. He was life-flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital where he underwent emergency life-saving brain surgery and was in a coma for 2 weeks. Doctors didn’t expect him to live, but he not only lived, he also walked out of the hospital 8 weeks later. He now goes to therapy 3 days a week and travels hours for doctors appointments 4-6 times every month. Colt’s balance has been greatly affected by the accident. He can walk short distances but needs a wheelchair for longer distances. He has word recall and processing speed issues. He has paralysis on the right side and is learning to use his right hand again.  He has damage to his optical nerves and has sight and some hearing loss. It’s a miracle that he survived. His amazing mom has been by his side cheering him on. She has exhausted her savings account on travel expenses and accommodations. She is very active in her community. She is so appreciative of all the outpouring of support and generosity towards her and her son. Please click on their Amazon Wishlist link and purchase items for their Christmas!

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