Gross Family

January 2023

Michael and Michelle Gross were expecting their second child in Idaho Falls, ID. In February of 2021, they found during an ultrasound that their daughter, Isabella, would be born with a heart defect called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Isabella would need care at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the next few months of her life, Isabella had two open heart surgeries and many stays in the hospital with complications. 

In January of 2022, Isabella was life-flighted to Primary Children’s, again. This time it was heart failure. Isabella received a Berlin Heart in February, as her condition deteriorated. This was installed as a bridge to heart transplant. Having the Berlin Heart meant that she had to be at the hospital 24/7. She received her life-saving heart transplant in October and was able to come home at the end of November. Isabella has been doing amazing with only a few complications. She is stable and they are so grateful for Isabella’s second chance at life!

Their family relocated to Utah to be closer to the hospital and for Isabella to receive the care she needs for the next few years. Michael had to find a new job and they started from zero again, but are happy to be together as a family.