Carter Family

Meet the Carter Family. Blake and Shannon have 3 beautiful daughters and one handsome little boy. On August 13th while Blake was at work, he suffered from an AVM eruption. This is a bundle of vessels on the brain that grow together abnormally and eventually erupt. It is often a condition that a person has and doesn’t know about, as there are usually no signs or symptoms associated with it. Due to the AVM, Blake suffered a stroke causing him to not have use of his left side. Blake was life flighted down to the University of Utah Hospital where he spent several days in their critical care ICU unit until the AVM was in a place that it was safe for both Blake and the Doctors to remove without causing more strokes. On August 18th they were finally able to operate and remove the AVM. Following the surgery, Blake spent several more days back in the ICU.  Blake has since been moved to the Craig Nielsen Rehabilitation Center at the University Hospital where he is working so hard to relearn how to walk and gain use of his arm and hand on his left side.  This has been one of the hardest mountains he has had to climb but he is full of determination and hope. Being away from his little family has been so hard and he misses them so much. They have been the continual drive in Blake working hard to get back home to them.  Blake still has a lot of hard work ahead of him but we have seen so many tender mercies through all of this and we know with all the love and support he has from his family and friends that Blake will get to the top of this mountain and be able to say he did it. 


Walli would like to show our love and support to the Carter family. On Sept 27th, we will be hosting a Walli Gives Back event on their behalf. Please use the code “walligivesback” for 15% off your order on the 27th, one day only.