Baker Family

Jared Von Baker was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma in September 2016 at the age of 9, and he bravely battled the disease and its relapses for the next seven years until finally succumbing to complications in October 2023. His battle included numerous rounds of chemotherapy, a multitude of blood transfusions, two different kinds of radiation, and two bone marrow transplants, which left him decimated and struggling with complications in other areas of his body - especially his skin, eyes, lungs, and heart. Through it all, Jared maintained an amazing attitude. Spending months at a time sick or in the hospital taught Jared life lessons well beyond his years. He developed patience and perspective and learned to take things in stride, go with the flow during delays or disappointments, and not be upset by things he couldn't change. When one astonished nurse asked him about his good attitude, he said, "It doesn't do any good to complain about things you can't change."  Although his health challenges required him to put aside some of his hobbies like lacrosse and dirt biking, Jared was a fun and thoughtful 16 year-old who learned to value the important things in life. He treasured his relationships with his family and friends, and he strove to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. Jared recognized and appreciated the strength he received from his friends, his Baker and Orgill families, and especially his mom, Tamra, who stayed by his side through every treatment and hospital stay. The final weeks of Jared's life were spent at Primary Children's Hospital, where he looked forward to regular visits from his two brothers, two sisters, and his dad, who was working to start a business after a recent layoff. The family expected Jared to pull through, so these final hospital visits have become precious memories. Jared's family feels his absence every day and is learning how to keep moving forward. They are immensely grateful for all the support they have received.

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When Walli Cases was created, owners Nick and Jenna Emery were recently married and both emerging from what they would describe as the darkest times of their lives. They are both passionate about reaching out to others in need because of the huge outpouring of love and support they received during their trials, including Jenna becoming a widow with an 8-month-old son and more recently losing her mother to cancer, and Nick going through divorce. When they created Walli cases, they wanted to help others feel the same hope and encouragement, and the Walli Gives Back program was created. Each month, Walli chooses a family to support.This quote by Natalie Norton sums up why they are both devoted to "giving back" to others in their time of need: "There is always a light. Find it. Follow it. And then turn around and shine it as brightly as you can for those still feeling their way through the darkness."

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